Why Buy from Carlock Automotive?

Why Buy with Carlock Automotive?

Grover “Clay” Carlock Jr. was born into this business. From the age of six, he was a welcome fixture at his father’s Buick/Pontiac dealership in Blytheville, AR. Fast forward many years, and through opportunity, persistence and natural ability, a storybook career was forged. It doesn't matter which of our car dealerships with good reviews you visit. You'll be treated to the same great Carlock Automotive experience whether you're getting Nissan service in Tupelo, buying a Porsche in Jackson or shopping for used cars in Nashville, TN.

What began more than fifty years ago as a local family business has become a thriving organization dedicated to serving the transportation needs of countless individuals, families and businesses across Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. Today, we are 16 brands providing an honest car dealer experience to folks across these three states and beyond. In addition to their loyalty, we owe our continued success to a culture celebrating our passion for doing the right thing for our customers, employees and communities. For expert auto service and advice on securing car loans, our local car dealerships offer it all.

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